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Online Poker Vs. Live Poker

Every since the advent of online poker there has always been a large debate amongst players as to both the differences between online poker vs. live poker as well as which one is better to play.  This article focuses on the main differences between both forms of poker including an overview of each and analysis of the major variations in both games.  Poker players will find this useful in determining how they wish to home their poker skills for either a career in online poker, live poker or both.

When looking at online poker vs. live poker, the obvious major difference is that live poker involves a ton of interaction with other players at the table while online poker is played in a solitary environment with little human interaction.  This presents a number of challenges for the player particularly when they are used to playing live poker and make the switch to online.  Many poker players rely on the tells that they can gather from their opponents to help them make decisions regarding betting and how they will play certain hands.  When playing online poker this information obviously becomes very limited which is why some live poker players completely refuse to play online.  That being said, there are some poker tells that online players use to help them during play including bet speed, call speed and general reaction times as different situations arise at the table.  Although these tells are visible in online poker games most live players find them harder to identify which is a major disadvantage.

Another big difference between online poker versus live poker is the intimidation factor which is a big advantage for some confident live poker players.  While your reputation and mannerisms at the table during live play can have a huge affect on the games outcome, online players are faceless and this tactic is rendered virtually useless during online poker play.  Because of this, many flamboyant players who rely on their table image to control the swing of the game simply won't win as often online since they can't transition this advantage over to the online environment.  This difference can be see as either an advantage or disadvantage depending on what type of playing style you have.

The last major differences that players will find between playing poker in a casino or on the Internet are simple things such as the absence of long waiting lists, smokey filled casinos and having to listen to thousands of bad beat stories by the other players at the table.  While the game is drastically difference when played online, the simple fact that you get to play when, where and how long you want is a great feature for some players.  The freedom that online poker provides to the player is a major positive for many and has allowed millions of players to enjoy the game from the comfort of their own homes.  Another major factor in playing online poker is that it gives you the chance to get both a poker bonus and what is known as rakeback, a refund of the rake you pay to the house.  These two factors are perhaps the biggest incentive for a player to play online verses in a casino.

Overall, poker is a great game whether it's played in your local casino or from the comfort of your own home and players from around the world continue to learn and enjoy the game on a daily basis.  When it comes down to choosing to be an online player or a live poker player, the best decision can only be made by you and comes with table experience and working on your overall poker game.

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